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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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B,   Progress and Accomplishments (Continued)

3.    The Role of the Book in the Future   project,   co-sponsored   with   the
Center for the Book at the Library of Congress and the National Center
for Education Statistics, sponsored a meeting of 21 prominent citizens
including representatives   of   business,   professors   of   science   and
physics, a   regional   library   system  director,  school   of library and
information science staff, book publishers, and The Executive Secre-
tary of the  American  Library Association to study the  role  of the
book in the future and the influence of computers and video techno-
logies on books, reading, and the printed word.   The committee report,
and that of two consultants,  will   be  presented to the  Congress in
November, 1984.

4.    A Project to Explore Procedures and Guidelines for Participation of a
Variety of Associations in the Accreditation of Programs in Library
and Information Science has been awarded to the American Library Asso-
ciation (ALA). ALA will be assisted, by eight other associations and
organizations Interested in accrediting library and information sci-
ence programs  and in developing  a  set of procedures and guidelines
for evaluating such programs prior to accreditation.

C.   Cost, Benefits, and Effectj veness:
Program Scope;

o   The FY 1984 program activities have generated an awareness of library
issues.   New Direction in Library and Information Science Education
has been the  focus  of two major associations1  conferences,  numerous
articles in the  library  press  and  presentations  by the contractors.

o   The   Libraries   and   the   Learning   Society   seminars1    report   Alllance
for Excellence is influencing thousands of librarians and information
scientists.The report is discussed at each State library and education
media conference.

Program Effectiveness: No data available.

D.    Plansfor Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation:
No funds were requested for FY 1985.

E.    Supporting Studies and Analyses Cited in Section C Above:

F.    Other Supporting Data:
None.ol superintendents,   parents,   and   others)   defined   the   role   of